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BeingNatalie Aims

Here I would quickly like to express the aims and purpose of developing BeingNatalie

Depression and anxiety are frightening because you feel lost in your own world of tormenting thoughts and feelings. Cancer is also a very daunting experience as well as the chemotherapy process. Being told I had depression for life was similar to being told I had cancer in respect to the sea of information available on the subjects. I was completely overwhelmed by the resources and research available and had no idea where to turn. Everyone felt they had the right answer, but I had to slowly take a step back and follow my own path.

BeingNatalie is me aiming to share my discoveries, experiences, and insights which all revolve around the central theme of getting to know one’s inner self and igniting the lost flame of self love.

For me this Blog is a platform of expression, it’s a space to dive into the hidden unknown realms of yourself and the tools, books, courses, therapists etc which I share on here are simple ways to help one WAKE UP.

My mind is a classic western mind, so is yours. TV, magazines, school, work, the internet etc are all ways in which we have managed to immerse ourselves into a world of misconceptions (this is my view!). To me the external distractions which dictate the ways we “should be” have resulted in a very unhappy nation of lost, disconnected souls who know deep down there is more to this world than conforming to the norm and feeling less than.

So BeingNatalie in a nutshell is a place of discovery and inspiration for all us lost souls. I don’t have the answers but perhaps within my writing you can find a hidden you, a you that is worth nurturing and loving and help yourself to discover the hidden depths that exist to living as a human being.

Looking within yourself is immensely exciting and frightening but it’s part of being human because when you look within yourself you start to unlock the nature of humanity… you start revealing your destiny.

Being me – Natalie, is being human. Being you, the true you, that’s heaven.


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