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Being You

Are you being you? Fully and completely, with your heart and soul? Do you consider yourself to be well and to emit love in your life and journey?

I’m writing this because I want to share with those who seek a path of truth, that I am not me most days. I cover up who I am and have caused great cracks in the great mirror of my life.

Truth requires witnessing all of who you are. It’s an exciting journey into understanding yourself so you can see the world through your own projections. At 21 when I was diagnosed as needing anti-depressants for life and being extremely suicidal, I took me on. I wanted to say no to medication and I wanted to understand myself to my core so I could relieve myself of all the disgusting self-hate and mental abuse. I wanted to understand life!

What I discovered on the way was a great deal of information. Apparently we live in an information age and you have access in the West to any information you ask of Google.

Now I have become the search engine in the great realm of infinite answers. The more you encourage yourself to be in a space of receptivity to answers and admit that you are the source of life, the easier it will be for your subconscious mind/soul/spirit/God/source to deliver the words you seek. It might change the next day, but the answers tend to resonate with your being when they need to.

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This brings me back to listening. Listening is an art. For me personally I see all the different ways I listen from being programmed to listen out for criticism to listening to my inner guidance during mediation. What is listening anyway? What part of us is playing the part of listener? Our inner child, our inner parent or critic? Which part of you is listening to these words and do you feel different when you listen from a place of love rather than defense or fear?

Those of you who are like me and seek a New World or simply a world that is filled with acceptance, compassion and love – I am stepping up and saying I’m here too. There are amazing people right now sharing information that is designed to awaken you to who you really are. This real you is not in the future or in someone’s therapy pocket. You are here now with me among these words and between the lines. I know you’re there because I see it in me.

Even if these words make no sense at all, I want to leave you with a powerful word of advice – to really love who you are and the world you create, honour your journey completely. All of it!

Many people are clear already on the importance of self-empowerment and of self-love. Yet many still struggle daily with the chaotic storms within their minds and being. I’m here if you need to share anything at all. I understand the pain and the chaos of feelings. I understand the need for honesty. I am perfectly imperfect and I am finally saying yes to being me. Now is the time you start grasping what lies beneath the noise, chaos and fears of your daily life because believe me – it’s beautiful!

How will you listen today? What are you prepared to free yourself from so you can adjust to the subtle vibrations of peace and presence? I freed myself from control and allowed the release to be part of me. For if control is present, so is release. If unhappiness is present, so is joy. We cannot be separated from one or the other for they both come from the original intent that lies behind our daily creation.

All the above came from the abyss of being present in this body. You hold within you an equal amount of exciting insights and opportunities to see the world as it is. To see yourself as you really are.

Message from my inner voice to you:

“To fully integrate into being human, you must take the path of least destruction. Keep a light foot and clear intention – this world is full of obstacles in the way of love but when you do fall madly in love with presence and being, there will no stopping your capacity to heal. Love you.”

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Recommended inspiring links:

Mysticmamma’s insight and awareness on this months New Moon in Cancer resonates with me very well from the need to embrace the transformation of our emotional bodies to understanding that we are part of the collective shift across the world:

“Can all of us give birth to a new emotional body, the grown-up, responsible, adult body that listens to its emotions, acknowledges them as valid feelings, which in turn tells us what we need to do to prosper in the world?”

The Law of One. I was meditating and the inner voice guided me to the concept of One. One life, one being, one experience, one opportunity to share using the words that unite us. One Law. I Googled this to see what came up and the Law of One popped up. I have an open mind and I will resonate with whatever can help me expand my consciousness and responsibility for being human. I have been reading some of the work on the Ra Material and a lot of it is really interesting, full of helpful messages and directing us on uniting




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