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Being 20 Something is Tough!

My 20’s are simply a process of breaking free from ignorance, making big mistakes and learning about the hidden depths of the self. I can now safely say this is the case because I’m almost 26 and life remains a mystery but a mystery I’m fully engaged with, not resisting.

As I lay in bed last night I saw how this is my true path. I lie in bed dreaming of one day being with the man of my dreams, working hard and loving life. Then I suddenly realised that I don’t need to imagine these things or dream of them as if they will never occur. I am on the path to breaking free from the shackles of my mind and with hard work comes great rewards. No I’m not working hard in the outside world, I’m not the best person at giving to charity, I’m not perfect but I’ve gone from wanting to kill myself – desperately – to being willing to help myself learn about what it is to truly live. I’m still here, I’m still looking, I’m more aware of myself than ever, I’m more open, I’m more loving, I’m dedicated to my well being and I’m not afraid to look stupid, make mistakes and trip up. I may think I’m afraid but in my heart I know it’s fine to trip up and bump your head because the bump eventually will heal.

If you’re experiencing any doubt of who you are in life, then take a deep breathe, close your eyes and smile – smile through any pain and just this smile will bring some warmth to your heart and being.

Good night from India xx

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