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Anopura, Heaven in the Midst of Chaotic Rajasthan

Despite the heavy monsoon rain, we celebrated Charlie’s 4th birthday in what I can only describe as a slice of heaven in Rajasthan. Anopura is a stunning boutique hotel just 1-hour drive from Jaipur run by the wonderfully charismatic Philippe De Villegas.

When you live in India, you realise just how difficult it is to make anything happen! So to set up something that can appeal to the luxury market or even to someone simply seeking a place to relax and enjoy them selves with all the trimmings is next to impossible. As Philippe happily announced, it takes patience and love to create anything in India! This is exactly what Anopura oozes – love. With this love comes a taste of true peace.

Having worked in the luxury travel industry for some time, I know a well run and special place when I see one! It ticks all the boxes when it comes down to service, ambience, food, accommodation, location and charm. As you know, I am someone who believes in the pursuit of inner peace, detachment and wisdom so I can tell you that Anopura sparks off all of these inner delights leaving you to feel not only totally relaxed but as if your part of something super special.

Set in the idyllic Rajasthani countryside, Anopura sits quietly amongst the rolling hills and endless green fields. Thatched roofs and smiling staff welcome you warmly to paradise before you walk along the paved paths surrounded by beautiful foliage, a pool, sun lounges and a thatched chill-out area. Guests can relax by the pool or in the beautiful thatched roof lounge area decked with enormous sofas and dining table. Philippe’s taste is destined to inspire relaxation in all his guests whilst you begin to forget where you are and sink into the moment.

A rarity in Rajasthan is good food… until Philippe came along. He has trained up his local Indian chef to rustle up fantastic European food from vegetable terrine to almond chocolate cake all of which is home made. The chapatti pizzas were a big hit as were the homemade chocolate chip biscuits. Ask Philippe to take you round the farm so you can fully understand how much this man has taken into consideration for his guests to experience the ultimate form of authentic luxury.

Anopura is designed to use the environment and help the locals so Philippe grows his own fruit and vegetables lovingly as well as train and treat his staff as family.

It’s as if India is filled with secrets kept locked away in its ancient bosom but longing to be discovered and shared with the world. Anopura is one of these best kept secrets and walking away from there today I have been left buzzing with ideas, ambition and a new lease of life.

The essence and spirit of Anopura are rare so when you stumble across it something in your soul skips with joy and your heart finally slows down to drink in the purity of being present to a place of endless possibilities designed to make you feel nothing less than happy.

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Anopura in Elle Decoration September 2011

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