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I intend on Being Natalie and inspiring others to discover for themselves their own true path in life through sharing my experiences 

My name is Natalie and I’m a very ambitious girl when it comes to exploring the world of depression, fear, anxiety, personal development, cancer or to put it plainly – Being Human. Being Natalie is being human and therefore this Blog aims to share all my experiences revolving around the subjects of life in the hope it can inspire others to dare to look within themselves and learn to truly live loving who they are.

Life has thrown so many bizarre, emotional, extraordinary & unsettling things my way that it pushed me to embark on the journey to discover what life is all about & to feel more relaxed as me. I realised I needed to stop fighting, blaming and hating the world and myself by embracing who I am. This was a big stepping stone in the beginning of my search for freedom as I realised that I create life from within; I hold the power, the key and ability to see life completely differently if I work hard and keep learning.

Perhaps shedding some light on what I’ve been through so far in life will help my readers feel less alone in their journey plus understand that I’ve worked extremely hard in life to develop my self-awareness with the intention of being a more giving, peaceful human being. I was told I would be on anti-depressants for life (which I chose to ignore), I suffered with severe anxiety attacks daily plus was hyper sensitive to my environment, I was suicidal and used to bang my head on the walls to ‘feel’ something, I had my heart broken badly by the man I thought I would marry, my friend was murdered whilst I was in Italy which developed into a huge international case, I have an alcoholic father, my relationship with my body/ food was bordering on obsession & hate and I am presently going through chemotherapy (2012)…This is to name a few of my life experiences.

This is not me sharing from a ‘poor me’ space, it’s an attempt to be honest and open about my life so others don’t feel alone. I am an authentic person who writes on the subjects I hold close to my heart because I’ve experienced extreme misery and it doesn’t have to be this way!

I’ve been on my personal journey of introspection for a good 6 years experimenting, learning and constantly increasing my awareness. I’m a SLOW learner and now proud of that! As a result of making the effort to keep looking for answers, to keep believing there is more to life than just my body/mind and with the intention to live freely from depression and anxiety, I’ve discovered life changing tools, materials and subjects on being human. I truly believe life will throw at you what is necessary for inner growth and awareness if you just dare to look within.

Hypnotherapy, Landmark Education, Vipassana Meditation, healing, acupuncture, regression, astrology, Psychotherapy & Counselling, Life Coaching, reflexology, craniosacral therapy and endless books on ‘life’ or self help have all contributed to my greater and deeper understanding of life and Being Natalie. Each one, good or bad, has fueled my intention to help guide myself into a space of acceptance and actually wanting to be alive. Sounds crazy but anyone who experiences deep depression and rejection of oneself will know what I mean…I like to call it the death wish. Now this no longer resides in me thanks to the natural path my life took towards searching within myself for peace and in turn gaining an access to what it is to truly be alive as a human being.

I do often feel like a goldfish, always forgetting to practice what I have learned and going around it huge circles, but in a way this has helped me be open to many different techniques in self awareness and when it comes to accepting depression and panic attacks or general confusion on what it is to be human.

By me being so open to many different kinds of self – healing and transformation techniques, I have experienced how as a human we all react differently to various help or resources out there. There are HUNDREDS of books on psychology, self – help, personal development and spiritual growth, all of which have something unique to offer but they don’t all work for each person.

Therefore this blog is about me sharing what I have learned, why it helped or how I practice it daily so you can see what you may get from it for yourself. I feel passionately about sharing what comes into my life and helps me so others may also find something to help themselves.

It’s also a blog to create a community of awareness around all the amazing resources out there. No one is alone in feeling like they need to struggle in life – we all have our minds to deal with!

Please do get in touch and share with me what you are learning about life either by leaving a comment or on my contact page.

So good luck on your own quest and when you realise it’s all about discovering ways to be at one with yourself, you will feel so warm, connected and happy that it will feel like true love and heaven all at once! Just practice…practice… practice, share, be patient and remember life is about change, growth and acceptance which all takes time.

Thank you and watch this space!


  • This is the most amazing site. I love your writing and your honesty. You are wise beyond your years. I am so happy I found your site. So glad that you don’t give up on yourself although I’m sure at times you think it would be easier. I have walked the depression path many times and continue to try to figure out who I am also. I am 58 years old but your writing speaks to me. Thank you for sharing your wisdom, insights and struggles. You are amazing. You are an inspiration. I live in Oregon and it sure gets dark here in the winter, sometimes hard to stay positive. Your site is a great help. Thank you, thank you.

    • Dear Ann – Please forgive my late response! BeingNatalie has taken a backseat in my life and when I read your message it touched my heart and soul. I’m hugely grateful you took the time to write to me, to be open and honest yourself. For me the way through the darkness has been curiosity and transforming the hard times into great lessons. I’ve tried to see my life as a metaphor of our global shifts, reassuring me I am not alone! Please do take care and forgive me once more. I appreciate your words more than gold. Thank you and very best wishes from Barcelona, Natalie x

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