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A Western Mind

I like to think I have been blessed with a western mind so I can communicate and understand other people from our Western Culture. When I was in India this sparked off my imagination on just how different our worlds are when it comes to thinking, living and being. It’s alive…

When I say western mind I mean I have a mind which seems to be concerned about the stuff which westerners are often preoccupied with. From food and weight, to looking good and money. These subjects consume people’s daily topics of conversation and sometimes feel like they are out of our control. You just need to pick up a paper to see the trends in ‘thinking’ and what our minds seem to find attractive when it comes to taking up our precious thinking time.

I love it sometimes because it makes me laugh but most of the time it drives me crazy! That’s why mediation helps so much plus the drive to clear the negative thinking so I can live as a truly connected, grounded human being. Perhaps even do some good on Earth…

I also wonder how it is that so many of us can’t see the greater depth that exists to life and just accept a way of living which feels so wrong or uncomfortable plus filled with suffering. It’s as if we are dead most of the time and wrapped up in the chaos of the world seeking integration through success, love, money, friends – anything out there. By out there I mean in society, media or the physical plain.

I have just realised that seeking integration in the external world will only mean I’m running from my fears and dismissing the truth which lies within me. True integration comes from within – from connecting to the many aspects of myself and living from within. It excites me to think like this because it means I am giving myself the chance to live differently, fully and as myself rather than as someone else. To live fully from within connects you within but it severs the painful tie and attachment we hold with external possessions, worries, people etc.

I suggest if anyone likes what I just wrote, take a minute out in your day to sit peacefully and just look at those thoughts zooming past…Are any of them attached to issues, problems and external concerns? Are any of those thoughts beneficial to you and your growth? Just look, don’t judge. This is about awareness practice and regaining some inner strength which hopefully will lead you to a path where you can start clearing out the damaging negative thinking patterns and start introducing some calm to your world.

A picture of a pigeon I took in Jaipur

As soon as you make the decision to help yourself, to learn about life and being human, to opening up to the universe or energy fields; the knowledge you seek, the people who can help,courses, books – all of it will come flying into your life when you need it.

To me the field of self-help, spiritual growth, personal development is chaos. It’s so hard to see any clarity or discover what works for you when so many conflicting beliefs, attitudes and techniques exist. This is why I have created BeingNatalie, to be a space of sharing what I took on to grow from never-ending depression to a form of inner strength. There is no one answer, to me it’s all about the process, the building blocks and gently ridding of those negative thoughts which consume us daily.

Negative thoughts have a physical impact and always will do, so take it easy when you begin your search for truth, when you begin to try and help yourself overcome negative habits and begin the journey towards calm, peace, inner love or simply feeling ALIVE.

Use BeingNatalie as a resource, written by someone who has a western conditioned mind yet is willing to face her fears, live life fully and wake up. I am here to share honestly and communicate so use it for you.

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