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A Tribute to Melanie Rose Killick

Melanie & Seamus

I read Melanie’s Blog, Dear Seamus, to refresh my sense of duty, purpose and right to honesty. Her path is a human path, a refreshingly open and honest one too.

I was devastated to hear she passed away a few days ago after a long battle with cancer. Her raw honesty, love for her son and insightful words were an inspiration to me. I loved her vivid writing, being on her journey through cancer and how she loved her son so much. She wrote from her heart, she shared it with the world and she will live on forever through her Blog.

Melanie lived in Australia, she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2008 yet this didn’t stop her finding romance, getting married and having a little boy in 2012. Since then Melanie has been writing to her son, so one day he will have a beautiful, authentic picture of who his incredible mother was.

This is my letter to her, wherever she may be:

Dear Melanie,

I was shocked and sad to hear you passed away, I still can’t believe it. Through your words I understood your soul. You let us strangers into your life, into your existence and through your honesty, we grasped the true depth of your love of life and son.

I’m sorry you have gone, I’m sorry your son won’t have you around especially after reading your post Graduation just recently. It must be so frustrating to not be the example of your books, to not clear the cancer and yet that post hit me powerfully – you are more alive than most of us. To be that honest and admit how cancer became your gift was a breath of fresh air to me. It’s so true, when you are diagnosed suddenly people you haven’t heard from in years show you love, support and sympathy. You have a rare opportunity to step away from the life you no longer could relate to and focus on your inner healing. Cancer gifted you a new way of being and seeing as it did for me. It was a gift but I love how you also shifted it from seeing it as a teacher to wanting to graduate and embrace being the master. How cancer no longer became a necessity for your self-expression. You decided it was going to be living – life was your teacher and living for your son. You made a powerful and brave insight and ensured you shifted it. This is being alive, this is following your heart’s intent to thrive. You are my teacher.

So it brakes my heart to know you only wrote this in March and now you’ve gone.

Yet Melanie, something tells me that your spirit and soul will be burning through these words and into people’s hearts forever. Why? Because in your honesty you honour the human process so few of us share. The process of vulnerability and being exposed to the consequences of simply being alive. You never stopped sharing, boldly and bravely. You inspired us all. Your words to your son will gift him immeasurable wisdom and insights into who you really are – all of you. What a gift to offer a young being amongst this chaotic world. We can all learn from you letters Melanie and I want you to know that wherever you go.

Thank you for being a warrior, mother and symbol of hope. Your light will shine on in my life and I didn’t even know you. Your words are the foundation of living life authentically, powerfully and with love. Please rest peacefully knowing your son will be supported in this world, you did such a good job and perhaps that was your destiny – to bring Seamus into our life through your existence.

I think you’re amazing, I think your husband sounds amazing and I think your life is a gift to us all. Thank you for being that reminder.

You wrote this recently in a Blog post:

I am the friend who openly listens when others are troubled and I ask them why they think they feel that way. I am the wife that wants to dig deep in her husband’s life, that I may know the roots of the trees that grow in his garden. I am the Mother who has an understanding of herself and how she was shaped, so that I may help you find your own shape, in your own time, in your own way.

This is you in every way – your curiosity, depth and determination is magical, brilliant and has touched your readers at all corners of the Earth.

Rest Peacefully and Powerfully

Natalie xx

Melanie is a rare gem, I highly recommend reading her Blog. Through her powerful words to her son, we can all align with our inner truth, open up our hearts and once more become who we really are. You can read Melanie’s Blog Dear Seamus here.

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