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A Fantastic Book to Keep you Motivated in Transforming your Habits

My father sent me a book called The Monk Who Sold his Ferrari by Robin Sharma and I loved it!

I believe I was at a very open and powerful stage in my life when I read this. After 2 years of constant learning about my mind, patterns, getting peace with my past & myself this book was a great asset.

Depression hasn’t hit me for ages but of course I still have days when I feel powerless & very grey. My point is I can only recommend this book from a more enlightened state. I found I really understood the language, the beautiful words I love to read over and over now that so many of my negative attitudes have gone. But if you’re depressed this book might not be enough because it does require actions, breaking habits. At the same time it’s a real pleasure to read and another great book if you need inspiration and a reminder that there is so much more to life than self-hate and misery.

3 Main Reasons I enjoyed this book:
  1. It guides you into a level of awareness which means it’s another opportunity to feel reconnected with life.
  2. It’s a very inspirational and simple book with steps on how to transform your life from normal daily habits to one of freedom and power through creative stories.
  3. It’s full of wise words and creative ways of beginning to start a journey to one where you really can free yourself from negative patterns.
Further Links & Reading

Visit www.robinsharma.com for further information on the author plus a section on free tools to skim through.

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